Nurdan Aykın

Nurdan Aykın 5 yıl önce


We received a 5-star service at Leto City Hotel. We stayed here during our Eskişehir trip with our family and had a really enjoyable time. Having car parks was a great advantage and restaurants are doing very well. We will definitely choose here in our next trip. Health for everyone's labor.

Emre Yeten

Emre Yeten 5 yıl önce


The rooms are clean and you can use the hot water in the bathroom without any problems. The beds are very comfortable and very suitable for those who come with their families. In the morning, they wake you up with a varied breakfast. You should definitely have this experience.

Gülay Caner

Gülay Caner 5 yıl önce

Thank you so much

Very clean, very calm and a complete rest hotel. Although we stayed one day, we regret that we would have made a longer program. The car parks are quite adequate, they are easily accessible all over the city. The breakfasts are fantastic. I thank all the friends for their relevance.

İsmail Saygın

İsmail Saygın 5 yıl önce

Thank you

I have been visiting Eskişehir frequently for business travels for several years. I stay at Leto City Hotel every time I visit. Since the hotel is in a quiet, quiet spot very close to the city center, I can relax well. Their staff is interested in everything, I have not seen any problem solved. I would like to thank Evrim Bey and hotel owners especially. You can stay here with peace of mind.

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